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A Call for Reason to @PhantomThiefX Regarding the UberDork Cafe

Originally published January 29, 2011, via Twitlonger from my Twitter account (http://tl.gd/8fmrst).

Dear ,

The replies you sent regarding my January 29, 2011 tweets relating to  and the ongoing debacle were forthright and communicative. They resemble the person I came to know, at least virtually, on Twitter. Perhaps if you had originally chosen to present your side in such a manner on Rock the LAN, the general consensus would not be that you were the virtual engineer who steered the Uber Dork Cafe train off of the tracks. Instead, you published a post on January 14, 2011, which attempted to express lament for nothing in particular but really could have been summed up by saying, “I’m taking my ball and going home, but I’m really, really sorry about it.” Yes, this may be my opinion, based on my interpretation of publicly disclosed details. There are many people on Twitter who have one. We have read what  has posted and compared it against yours. It should come as no surprise to you then that the consensus has, for right or wrong, sided with her.
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