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The Importance of Doing Things

Whatever your thing is, do it. Do it openly and proudly. Do it to the greatest extent possible and only consider holding back if the doing of your thing starts to infringe on other peoples’ doing their thing.

Be open to the changing of things. One day you may do one thing, but the next day you may do another thing. You may also do multiple things at the same time. As long as you do each thing freely and to the best of your ability, things will be fine.


If you find that your thing hurts others, find a way to change your thing for the better. If you cannot find such a way, find another thing. Things are, after all, abundant.

Do not try to do someone else’s thing simply because it appears to be better, more fun or more emotionally, financially or otherwise lucrative than your thing. If at some point, though, it feels like your thing and someone else’s thing are the same thing, do it together. If things start to change, happily go back to doing your own thing together, because doing your thing doesn’t mean you have to be alone.

The Universe is made up of an infinite number of things. These things are there for us to choose from and do. Find yours. Do it. If everyone does, things will be cool.