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I still blame Yoko Ono, and I’m not alone.

It’s been more than forty years since the Beatles broke up. It actually happened before I was born, but that doesn’t stop me from having an opinion on the matter. Yes, I still blame Yoko Ono. Of course there may have been other factors, but it’s inevitable. I think Beatles fans (and even non-fans who know of the Beatles) collectively place the blame on her.

Here’s a case in point. This morning, I was listening to the Beatles in the car on the way to work. Little Geek Shui, who is eight years-old, asked me when they broke up. I told him in 1970. He then asked why. I said, “It’s complicated, but we blame Yoko.” I then explained that she later became John Lennon’s wife. Being the intelligent little person he is, he then asked, “Who is we?” I answered that, as mentioned above, the blame is a collective feeling. Full of questions, he then asked, “Are you sure other people think that?”

Now, I was on the spot. How could I validate my claim? Luckily, the universe seems to be on my side in the Beatle breakup culpability issue. As we pulled up to a school crosswalk, I rolled down the window and yelled to the crossing guard, who appeared to be between 35 and 40 years old.

Me: “Excuse me, sir. Who broke up the Beatles?

Crossing Guard: “Yoko Ono. She was a pain in the butt.

I told my son, “You see. It’s not just me.” Little Geek Shui didn’t respond, but he didn’t really need to respond. He saw that a random guy on the street echoed my sentiments. Does it make sense to not only blame her but also pass on the sentiment to the next generation? Probably not. I’m a Beatles fan, though, so sense doesn’t have much place in the formulation of our opinions on why it all had to end so soon. We’re talking about the Beatles, here. They were musical pioneers and geniuses whose music keeps on giving more than forty years later.

Could the Beatles have fought their demons, smoothed things over and produced a few more great albums? Unfortunately, we’ll never know….because Yoko broke up the Beatles.


Note of Clarification: This opinion, which throws logic and critical thinking to the wind, is not indicative of how I form opinions on other political, cultural or other societal-related issues. It applies to the Beatles…and Yoko…and how she broke them up.