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Please Remain Calm. The Zodiac-alypse is not upon us.

This morning I was asked what I thought of the chaos created by the possible changing of some people’s Zodiac signs. I didn’t opine yesterday, when the news began to spread like a virtual wildfire across the web. I probably wouldn’t have said anything if I had not been asked my opinion. When I was asked, I planned to answer it in four, 140-character tweets. Like so many things I write, though, 560-characters turned into 3000. The plan changed from a tweeted answer to a private post here. Then, someone else said they wanted to read it, as well, out of sheer curiosity as to what I would say. With that, I decided I might as well post it publicly. Zodiac Police be damned! I have the right to my opinion and the expression of it. (Having said that, be forewarned that I do have a USB light saber within arm’s reach.) So, here it comes…

I’ll start by saying that the legitimacy of any idea, theory, concept, etc. is dependent upon one’s interpretation and societal acceptance of it. If you look back through history, there are many instances where a person, organization, etc. decided, from one day to the next, that something that was “this” is now “that”. Pope Gregory XIII basically dropped somewhere around 10 days in his decree to move to the Gregorian calendar in 1582. People accepted it. Martin Luther decided in the early 1500’s that Catholicism was wrong and created the Protestant Church. People accepted it. Of course, “people” in no way signifies every human being. It does, though, mean that enough human beings accepted it for it to be accepted as legitimate.

My point is that if this zodiac change becomes generally accepted it will be seen as legitimate. It really won’t matter to other people whether I believe it or not. They still will. Their collective numbers will tell the tale. To this end, I understand the Zodiac concept and believe portions of it have some validity. I believe the universe has a creator and was built on foundatation of math. Yes, I said it. It’s not sacrilegious. I did not just deny the existence of God or some other higher, omnipotent being. I simply am saying that “they” were a nerd and used math in the planning process. I believe certain events occur for a reason and as a result of that mathematical foundation. I don’t believe that formulas themselves can be changed, but I do believe the variables can be changed, thereby changing the outcome.

I don’t think that being born under a certain sign predestines us to act or live a certain way. For so long, I’ve heard people say that a person acts a certain way because of the sign under which they were born. If I were to believe that such were the case, I would basically be saying that it didn’t matter what I did or did not do. The outcome would remain the same. That is a theory to which I personally do not prescribe. To take it back to the math, I believe we are part of a unique formula, as individuals. We represent variable A, which is then calculated against other constantly changing variables, such as environment, human nature (read: the acts of others), and our own free will.

This may make life sound a bit like a test, to which some will respond by asking what comes after the final answer has been calculated. I don’t have an answer to this. This is where my faith kicks in that something did not come nothing. You can call him or her God, Allah, Buddha or whatever other name you like. I have a specific faith, but what it is doesn’t really matter. The fundamentally important point is that I believe in something. I have faith in something. I am of the firm belief that, without faith in someone or something, one has nothing. There would be no point to even living. What will happen when I die? I don’t know. All I can do is make sure I’m doing the right things (e.g. honest, trustworthy, empathetic, benevolent, etc.). Whatever comes next, I’ll know I did my best.

Ultimately, the sign under which I was born is no more of a factor than being born into poverty or violence is. We always have the choice to change ourselves and our circumstances. The Zodiac signs could change every month, but I will always be me.

Of course, if you’re of certain beliefs, the Tarot cards probably already told you I would say all of this….