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Trippy fun with iOS

The iPhone is more than a phone, music player, interwebz vehicle, mini gaming console and social media launching pad. It is also technomagical. Don’t believe me? Try this…and be amazed:

1. In the accessibility options, invert the color scheme.

2. Return to the homescreen.

3. Take a screenshot.

4. Open the camera roll and look at the screenshot.

5. Go back into the accessibility options and switch the color scheme back to normal.

6. Go back to the camera roll and look at the screenshot again.

7. Say, “Whoa.”

iOS7 vs Sliced Bread: The Ultimate Showdown

Since someone was kind enough to ensure I had access to the iOS7 Beta, I thought it only proper for me to review it. Here it comes…

iOS7 may not be the best thing since sliced bread, but it is fun. Sometimes, you need something that constitutes simple fun more than you need something that’s measurably better than sliced bread.

Geek Shui’s Verdict: Sliced bread is good. iOS7 is good. Fun is good. iOS7 and sliced bread are both good fun. Rock on. \m/