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Blogger’s remorse, priorities and the state of Geek Shui Living

My name is Geek Shui, and I have problems. Disregard my last. I honestly can’t say that without wanting to do that tiny violin-playing motion with my fingers and make fun of myself. First of all. It’s not my tax-paying name. It’s a pseudonym I use to maintain at least some sense of privacy (or pretend to, at least). Secondly and with regard to my problem, I have what people on Twitter often refer to as “first-world problems”. Yes, my problems generally involve my DVR’s inability to record more than two programs simultaneously, not being home when the UPS guy comes by or having left my umbrella in the car when it rains.

I do have issues, though. This is not a joke. They may be minor issues, but they are mine. I may continue to pay for them forever, but I already own them. Though they are too many to go into in a single post (or fifty, for that matter), the first that comes to mind today is blogger’s remorse. I’ve just made the term up to address my situation. Granted, someone else in the vast reaches of the Interwebz may have already coined the phrase, but until I receive a cease and desist order, I’m calling it mine. 

Blogger’s remorse is like buyer’s remorse, except there is no buying. Actually, there isn’t much blogging either. That’s where the remorse part comes in. You may (or may not) know that I started a tech news website in January 2010 known as Geek Shui Living (http://geekshuiliving.com). I would compare it to the Seinfeld television series in which the whole point was that there is no point. It just was a television show. Likewise, GSL is just a tech website. I didn’t do it to make money or further (or even begin) a writing career. I did it for fun. I did it just to see if I could do it.

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