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Green Iguana or Chupacabra? You be the judge.

This morning I saw a Green Iguana that could easily be mistaken for a small crocodile. According to Wikipedia, they aren’t native to Puerto Rico. In all likelihood, they were brought in years ago, as pets. A lucky few escaped the bondages of captivity, which has resulted in a very healthy population of the little monsters in Puerto Rico.


If you do visit Puerto Rico, give the iguanas a wide berth. They may appear photogenic and tempting to follow. Be aware, though, that they are very fast and aren’t afraid to whip their tail at an enemy, which can result in a very nasty wound.

Thankfully, they are herbivores. Of course, Wikipedia states that Green Iguanas are ‘primarily herbivores’, which might lead one to wonder if they could be persuaded to partake in carnivorous pursuits. I believe I’d rather leave that to the imagination, though. There’s no need for me to try and prove or disprove accepted science.

Of course, one has to wonder just how big one of these things can grow. Also, what if they are ‘primarily herbivores’ but sometimes like to savor the flavor of a goat, chicken or cow? That might explain that whole Chupacabra legend.

Think it sounds ridiculous? Compare an artist’s rendering of the Chupacabra, below, with the photograph, above. I believe there is a striking resemblance, but I’ll let you decide for yourself. In the end, ignorance of the possible truth may, indeed, be bliss in an instance such as this.