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A Non-Guitarist’s, Patriot Lament

This is an iPhone-recorded audio clip (read: way less than FLAC quality).

It is the kind of thing that happens when…

…you pick up your kid’s guitar to tune it with an iPhone app and

…the Patriots are losing 24-0…in the first half

…and despite having no guitar-related talent whatsoever, you decide to play it because

…you have to wait for the last load of laundry to finish washing.

Lesson Learned: No lesson learned at all. I’ll probably do something weird like this again in the near future.

A Non-Guitarists Patriots Lament


It’s almost winter in Puerto Rico.

A panoramic shot taken on my iPhone (of course) near the end of a great Saturday afternoon spent with my two sons (read: Boy’s Day Out), flying a kite and wandering through Old San Juan. It was a rare Saturday where we had nowhere to go and nothing to do but nevertheless did something invaluable for me, them and, most importantly, us.


11/16/2013: Still riding the vibe #PearlJam #BabaORiley

And having enjoyed great music with great people, I don’t imagine I’m going to come down anytime soon…nor do I want to, for that matter. \m/