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Feeding America: I didn’t do it. You did. And I’m grateful.

Nos venit. Nos donata. Nos esurientes alebat.

The fundraising goal of $1,000 has officially been reached. This is a fact that fills me with an immeasurable sense of pride. As a matter of fact, we surpassed the goal by $33.00. Although I have expressed my gratitude repeatedly both here and on social media platforms, I would be remiss to not say, “Thank you,” one more time.

I am proud to know that there are people out there who recognize the need to help their fellow man (and woman and child). Moreover, I am humbled that of the 41 people who donated, 24 people donated despite never having actually met me in person. Granted, the donations go directly to the charity, via a secure website, but still, joining in the quest of a person whom you’ve never met by donating your hard-earned dollars and spreading the word via Twitter and Facebook say a lot about the character and benevolence of those 24 people.

Of course, my thanks go out to the entire group of 41. The best part is that the donations can keep coming in through race day, August 26, 2012. That means the potential to help more people exists. Whether one donated before or after the goal was achieved is unimportant. Every dollar counts toward helping the lives of Americans around the country. I am also grateful to the people who, despite being in a position in which they could not donate, helped out greatly by simply spreading the word via social media. Their efforts were integral to “our” (no, not “my”) success.

The Latin phrase above translates to: “We came. We donated. We fed the hungry.” Indeed, we did. That means I can now settle in and begin to focus on mentally preparing myself for the longest run of my life to date. I’ll do so with the peace of mind that people helped other people by believing in and sponsoring me. On August 26th, I will, of course, be running the race for my personal satisfaction and pride, but I’ll also be running for every person that chose to give of themselves and, ultimately, helped feed America.

You did it. Thank you again!

If you and your family needed help, wouldn’t you hope others would be willing to give?

Are we Feeding America yet? Yes, we are!

I’m proud to say that, as of today, we’ve reached 89% of the $1,000 goal. The donors at the bottom of this page deserve a huge round of applause for helping me meet the initial $500 goal and nearly completing the much loftier, $1,000 goal. I have the utmost faith that with a few more donations from people who recognize a great cause, we’ll reach the goal well before race day. Thanks again to everyone who has donated so far, and I look forward to seeing the progress bar turn green and read “100%”!

Will you be among the 27.4375?

With a click here and the completion of a secure donation of $16, you’ll earn good karma. More importantly, though, you’ll feed a fellow human being.

Thank you for your support!

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