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Simon says… #Demotivational

My Gift to You: 30 Seconds of Zen

Two miles of hiking later… #rainforestography #nofilters

Two miles of hiking later… #rainforestography #nofilters

We raised $500 for Feeding America. Now what?

I’m proud to say the we successfully reached the initial $500 fundraising goal in less than a week. Now, I’ve raised the bar and am hopeful that, with a little more than a month remaining, we can raise an additional $500. If you haven’t donated $16 (or whatever amount you can afford), please consider doing so. If you already donated, please share the link to this page with your friends, family, followers or anyone else you may know. As this fundraiser spreads farther and wider, via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms, the potential increases to help more and more people.

Thanks again to all those who already donated. Each and every one of you has made a difference in the lives of men, women and children across America!

Sometimes a hearse in the air is just a hearse in the air. #Wisdomography