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Good morning, America…

There are some signs that should be ignored. Always strive to move upward in life. #signography

Sie7e in concert… #jamboretteography

Godzilla, please save us! #Ratography

Dear @AmericanExpress…

On a recent trip to Tucson, AZ, I tried to pay a small business proprietor with my Amex. When she said they didn’t accept your once-revered card because of the exorbitant fees associated with each transaction, I commented that your commercials seemed to imply something markedly different. To her credit, she didn’t comment further on your policies and politely finished the transaction with my Mastercard.

Sadly, the same scene was repeated at several other small businesses in the area. Each time, I heard the same, exasperated comments. If it had been one small business, I wouldn’t have paid much attention, but when it became two, three and four businesses, I realized it might constitute an actual trend.

I understand your desire to show the television-watching world how much you care, but, in this case, your concern might be better expressed by quietly pulling your pro-small business commercial. Why do I say this? It’s because, in all honesty, the collective experience made me want to use my Mastercard more.

Yes, I’m only one person, but imagine if 10 million of us stopped using our American Express cards. It might actually constitute an #UnoccupyAmex movement. It might not be probable, but it’s certainly not impossible.


An Amex Customer