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Personal reflections on 2010 and the year 2011 to come

I am happy to say I’ve never had a bad year. This year has been no different. While I had moments of sadness, they were thankfully greatly outweighed by moments of happiness.

I enjoyed laughter and good times with family and friends. I spent wonderful moments with Mrs. Geek Shui. I played with Little Geek Shui. We welcomed the birth of a healthy and smiling Baby Geek Shui. I was also fortunate enough to receive a promotion and grow professionally.

As a side project and just for fun, I launched Geek Shui Living Tech News, Reviews and Blogs and wrote and published more than 200 articles. Thanks to the writers who contributed to the site, we were able to surpass my initial goal of 50,000 page views in 2010 by June and ended the year with more than 124,000. All of this was done with minimal investment and grass roots support from intelligent readers.

The number of Twitter friends I have grew to more than 700. I am glad to say that, thanks to them, I’ve made some true friends and enjoyed many good conversations. Some were educational. Some were simply entertaining. All, though, contributed to a general sense of success in knowing that I must be doing something right as a person to attract and retain such loyal followers.

Finally, I began writing here at Random Geek Shui. It’s been the perfect place to publish personal thoughts, experiences and photographs. More importantly, it has served as a positive outlet, given me a sense of personal satifaction and, ultimately, helped keep me sane and from feeling down for more than a few moments at a time.

I look forward to a new year in 2011. I hope to continue to grow personally and professionally. I hope to become a better father, husband, employee, and human being. I know there may be challenges, but I have faith that, if I approach them with the same sense of purpose and with a positive attitude that I had in 2010, I’ll make it through 2011 and be a stronger person as it ends. Finally, I hope to take the time to enjoy every moment I’m given with friends and family, both real and virtual.

In closing, I would like to thank Mrs. Geek Shui, my wonderful sons, our family, and all my friends both on and offline. It is they who have made it all possible and worth it.

Happy New Year 2011!

Good morning….

Around here, the padawan training starts early

Happy Holidays from me to you!


Breakfast always tastes best at lunch.

Little Geek Shui retells Star Wars: Episode IV…in less than 90 seconds

This evening, Little Geek Shui was playing games over at the official Star Wars website. He came across a thing called the “Star Wars Crawl Creator”. The premise is simple. You type. It makes whatever you typed scroll up the screen just as in the opening sequence of the original.

Instead of making up something, it seems he decided to summarize the entire movie in just 1 minute and 13 seconds. Thanks to their site’s share feature, I was able to grab the code and embed it here.

Let me warn you, though. You better read as fast as 8-year old Little Geek Shui thinks and writes….

Where have you been my entire driving life?

Little Geek Shui Lessons (Holiday Edition): The Student Becomes the Master

This week Little Geek Shui and I had one of our impromptu lessons. This time, though, I was the student, and he was the teacher.

He approached me and innocently asked if I wanted to be in his Christmas show. With him being eight years old, I assumed it was to be some sort of game in his room. I was wrong.

No, Little Geek Shui had bigger things planned. My “yes” was apparently the final element necessary to bring his not-so-evil plan to fruition.

He promptly presented me with a two-page script for his Christmas show. Written for two players, it included witty dialogue and musical numbers. My role was to be that of the “Head Elf”. He, of course, would be “Santa Claus”. The plan was to perform it for our family on Christmas day.

The surprises didn’t stop there. He informed me that he had emailed me a schedule for rehearsals and things (read: props) we would need. With the great deal of thought that had obviously gone into the project, there was no way I could back out.

So, on Christmas morning, you’ll find me performing in “Christmas Eve”. Where is the Little Geek Shui Lesson in all this? It’s a simple, yet important, one. Little Geek Shui reminded me how important holidays with family are. They’re the times when we create memories that will stay with us long after children are grown and out on their own. Those memories are what give us strength when things are tumultuous. They are what make us…us.

His exuberance and desire to do something big that people will remember forever makes me proud to be his father. Thusly, I would be remiss not to say, “Thank you, Little Geek Shui.” It seems the student has become the master…at least for today.

In closing, I invite you to enjoy the incriminating evidence I’ve posted herein that proves what a great kid Little Geek Shui is. If you’re a Broadway producer, feel free to give Little Geek Shui a call.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

If yesterday was less than stellar, will you try and turn today around?

An impromptu, semi-inspired shot taken while enjoying a coffee in a local Starbucks. Merry Christmas….

Your moment of zen (and warmth) for December 18, 2010

(…and Happy birthday, Grandma)