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My last minute Halloween costume options (a.k.a. bad ideas)

These costume options are a bit last minute and may require copious amounts of duct tape, baling wire and a hazardous material or two, but they’re all I’ve got.


a) Dress up as former BP CEO Tony Hayward, run around the neighborhood pouring oil on people’s yards and repeatedly telling neighbors how sorry I am.

b) Dress up as an angry bird and throw myself into the neighbors front door, while calling them dirty pigs and screaming for them to give my huevos back.

c) Dress up as Trogdor and chase the trick-or-treaters with a lighter, while singing loudly and off-key about how I plan to “burninate” them and their thatched-roof cottages.

Any thoughts? Probably not…. (I doubt anyone wants to touch this one for fear of being guilty by association, but that’s okay. Either way, Happy Halloween.)

If you have an evil laugh lurking somewhere deep inside…

…today is the day to let it sound loudly and proudly.

Mwahahahaha! Happy Halloween!

Sometimes the universe reminds us how cool it is just to be alive.

(Taken over San Juan on the morning of October 26, 2010)

The Official #VuvuzelaViernes Commercial

You may have read about #VuvuzelaViernes. I wrote about it here some months ago. I still believe in it. I still practice it. Each and every Friday, I send a few #VuvuzelaViernes tweets out to let the recipient and the Twitterverse know they’ve enriched my timeline during that week or, in some cases, all the time.

It works for me, so I figure it might work for others, too. How does one get people’s attention? It’s with a commercial of course.

So, in typical Geek Shui fashion, I made one….

If #VuvuzelaViernes catches your fancy, feel free to run with the idea. It might not change the world, but it could very well make someone’s day a little brighter.

(Note: The above was written and edited entirely on the iPhone 4 using Notes, Photoshop Express, and iMovie. To maintain the quality, it was exported at 720p and uploaded to YouTube from a Mac.)

Autumn in Puerto Rico

Who went into my head and came out with a $20 iTunes Gift Card?

(For the following to make sense, you should read this first.)

Before I explain the artwork (using the term very liberally) and announce who gets $20 worth of Apple-peddled media on my dime, take a look at the picture again.

Okay, you looked at the picture, right? Now, here is what was going on inside my head at that exact moment:


  • The overall representation is a computer.
  • The computer is depicted in such a way as to reflect that, depending upon how it is used, it can represent an extension of ourselves and our personalities.
  • The left side of the screen represents the fact that we can use the computer to see (the eye) and speak (the mouth) . Additionally, the half-headed depiction is representative of the fact that only a portion of our thoughts and actions are based on logic.
  • The redness of the eye represents the potential for over-exertion of our virtual selves and the possibility of information overload if our activities aren’t self-moderated.
  • The iris/pupil represent the fact that what we see on the screen is actually a reflection of ourselves. (In my case, a “G”)
  • The right side of the screen, as a whole, represents the heart that goes into our virtual activities. The inner workings of the computer may be machined components, but the activities we undertake on it reflect the feelings that sometimes override the logic we seek to employ.
  • The door represents the opportunities that have opened up to us, in the digital age and through the internet.
  • The question mark represents the ability to find answers to virtually anything, with a few keystrokes.
  • The exclamation mark represents the excitement and wonder that awaits us in the virtual world, some of which we seek and some of which finds us.
  • The overall build of the machine, to include the stand, isn’t a direct reference to Apple computers. Moreover, it is an indirect reference to the idea that, if we are built of quality materials (i.e. steel or composite metal), we will be able to withstand virtual trials and remain focused on the transmission and reception of information that maintains a balance between the logic in our brains and feelings in our hearts.
  • Finally, the equation “1+1=1” represents my belief that, although technology itself cannot apply logic and feeling, it can be used and leveraged as a tool to do so. Ultimately, this means individual users can unite in the sharing of information and achievement of common goals, without sacrificing their individuality.

(I know. Take a breath. That was a lot of information crammed into one colored pencil-drawn, amateur piece of work done as part of play with an eight-year old.)

So who came the closest? To be honest, there were two people. One of them was @Xander_P, who most accurately described the meaning behind individual elements such as half-heart/half-mind, a means of communication, the punctuation marks, and the door. I also have to give credit to @MrWorkrate who most accurately encompassed the whole theme who wrote, “life’s decisions and paths taken should be made with equal parts of logic and emotion.”

Since they both came as close as one could without actually crawling inside my head, I guess that means I out $40 in iTunes Gift Cards. I’m okay with that, though, since this little, informal social media experiment can definitely be called a resounding success. Ultimately, there was no right or wrong. Even those who didn’t win a gift card, still won my undying loyalty for being great tweeple. It all came down to trying to understand each other.  I shared of myself. You shared of yourselves. We used social media to share with each other. In the end, I think that makes us all winners.

Even if you didn’t participate and are just reading this, you can win, too. Adding all of the Twitter users who commented to your following list is guaranteed to inject some humor, intelligence, and insight into your timeline on a daily basis.


(two-way tie)



Honorable Mention:








Special Honorable Mention:

(for finding a way to relate it to Ewoks and @GizmoAlex)


Again, congratulations to @Xander_P and @MrWorkrate and thanks to everyone for simply taking a few minutes of your life to play along.







San Juan is Puerto Rico, but Puerto Rico isn’t San Juan

If you’ve been to Puerto Rico on a cruise or on business, San Juan isn’t an accurate representation of Puerto Rico, as an island.

If you do come, get out of the San Juan metropolitan area and take at least a windshield tour of the island. Stop at a few local places. Buy a pincho and have some cold, coconut water.

Then, you can really say you’ve been to Puerto Rico…the one that has kept me here for fourteen years.

Get inside my brain for a $20 iTunes Gift Card

While drawing with Little Geek Shui, I went overboard. Yes, in a surprising development, he moved on to something else, while I obsessed with finishing mine.

Just out of curiosity, I’d like to see who among my Twitter and Facebook friends can guess what it means. Because I really want responses, I’m sweetening the deal.

To win a $20 iTunes Gift Card, all you have to do is post a comment with what you think I had in mind.

It’s simple and easy. I’ll accept comments through 11:59 PM, on Sunday, October 17, 2010. Now, let’s go. Get inside my head. You may want to wear gloves….

(One request: Be kind. I’m not an artist, just a dad who likes to play with his kids.)

Led Zeppelin speaks to us through streetlights

“And if you feel that you can’t go on. And your will’s sinkin’ low. Just believe and you can’t go wrong. In the light you will find the road. You will find the road…”

(Photo Credit: Me, with an iPhone pointed at a streetlight; Song Credit: Led Zeppelin, In the Light, Physical Graffiti)

El Yunque: The view from below the canopy (Part 2)

(Photos taken with the iPhone 4)